As seen on TV madness!

Ok, if you’ve been coming here pretty often, or you just plain know me, I’m a total “As Seen on TV” junkie. I just have to buy stuff for the sake of buying it sometimes. But deep in my mind, I have a use for the product I decide to buy, and so I get it. Never mind that I might only use the product once, it was a good buy. I mean, 19.95?? Wow! But seriously, I know the little tricks and silly things they do to get you to buy one.


I ordered a Ninja Kitchen System today. You might remember I was on the fence about getting one. Well, after very little thought and no one really telling me I shouldn’t get it, I decided to just go for it and  buy one. You’ll find a review for it soon enough. I was a bit wary of the “free shipping” since that’s usually where they make the money. But at $159.80 (or 4 payments of $39.95) I think they’re doing ok. I went for the lump sum payment. The only reason I do that is because when they do have payments, they have a processing fee (which isn’t shipping!) and it all adds up anyways. While checking out, they do throw a million add-ons at you which you probably don’t need. Like a second Ninja Kitchen System for $79.95. But I just couldn’t see my mom using it very much. I did order priority processing and it said “get it in 5-7 days!” I decided to get it since it was $9.95 and wasn’t so bad, even if it was technically a “shipping” cost. I suspect that it means the blender will be sent within 5-7 days (without telling me it’s back-ordered like my Yoshi-blade) and then it will get here using the slowest and cheapest shipping possible. Probably UPS ground, as they are often cheaper than even the US Post Office sometimes. We will see within 5 to 7 days what happens. I would be pleasantly surprised if I actually received it on my doorstep in such time.

On top of all this I also ordered the Wonder File. Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials. If you haven’t, you can watch it after the bump. This just looks too cool to pass up. I need a decent organization system and this could be it. You get 2 for the price of 1 essentially. Here’s a good example of when they rape you on shipping and handling. While the Wonder File costs $19.95, S&H will cost you $13.98. That’s almost as much as you are paying for the product! Something to consider when you decide to buy this product. I’ll review this as well and let everyone know how it turns out.

I just want to add that no one is paying me to talk about these products. I will gladly talk about them and review them (bad and good) if you pay me. All this is coming out of my pocket!

So what products have you bought recently from the internet? Are you a junkie like me?

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