Why are people rude?

TalkingYou have to wonder why are people acting so stupid lately? Is it because they think they’ve got nothing to worry about since the world is supposed to end soon? Are people just being fatalistic? Didn’t they prove the Mayan end of the world stuff as nonsense?

I think people are becoming rude because we are losing all the things called human values. Since people are becoming more detached to human interaction,most people are believing we don’t have a need to be polite. No more things like saying “Excuse Me”, or “Sorry”, or even a simple plain “Hello”. What are we becoming? Am I ranting?

I think the worst thing is perhaps the rudeness of people who work in Customer Service. Seriously now. You are working in a position where you are catering to another person. This is a field where the customer is king. If you treat them badly, there can be serious consequence.

I just don’t think it’s me getting older either. People are just plain being rude. They will cut you off in the supermarket, or give you the stare, or even just look at you with a look of “why are you so offended, screw you.” I think people as a whole need to have the manners slapped into their thick skulls. Maybe even shipped off to the Island of Rudeness and they can all deal with themselves. Or all the nicer people can create a new nation and live on that island. I’d move. Right now.

I have to seriously wonder what in the world is going on. I cringe to think of the kids of the future. What cracks me up is this: Did my parents or grandparents say the same thing about us?  I think humans as a whole are losing it. Epic fail if you will for those who don’t understand me in “normal” terms. Maybe the end of the world is coming after all.

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