Samsung S4 vs iPhone

iphone5_2So everyone I know knows that I’ve been an Apple fanboy forever. I’ve always loved Apple, from all the way back to before Macs existed. Maybe the original apple. Who knows. Anyways, recently, after the announcement of all the new stuff that’s coming out for the Apple line, I decided to make a change and bought a Samsung S4.

Sure, you could say that I fell for the advertisements on TV and yes, they are very cool. But even before any of the commercials came out, I was considering the Samsung. So I can safely say I did think about it.

13.03.14-Galaxy_S4I’ve been considering a change for a while now. The iPhones we had were 4s, and well, it’s a model behind and soon 2 models behind. I know you’re asking yourself, “Did he regret the change? Does he want to go back to iPhone?” The truth is, no, I don’t. Even though it’s a totally different OS and there are a lot of cool things about iOS, I don’t want to go back. We didn’t get rid of the old phones, so I can still use them as an iPod. And to be honest, if I decide to go ahead and make a WiFi hotspot with my S4, I can still use my iPhone. So I win either way. I don’t have to not use the old iPhone.

Of course, the only issue with that will be when the iPhone just becomes too old to use because Apple decided to make their upgraded iOS not work with the old iPhones. That’s when I will totally get rid of the iPhones. And probably get an iPod touch in the process. I still win. Gotta love it.

So what’s so good about the S4? Where do I start? Let’s start with Android. I have an ASUS tablet that uses android. So it’s not entirely new to me. So that’s an advantage I have. But after using the S4 for a couple days now, I realize using a tablet with android isn’t necessarily the same as using it on a phone. So there is that. This is both a good and bad thing. But when I first started using the iPhone I had this problem too.

The video pause feature where a video will pause when you look away is very cool. But it only works in stock apps. At least so far. I’m not sure if it’s something that the developers of apps can build into their app or not. I’m not entirely sure if it’s shared or not. But I did notice it works in youtube so perhaps Samsung has shared their information. Of course it behoove them to do so anyways.

This is also the case with eye scrolling. Which personally I find one of the most annoying things about the Samsung so far. It scrolls almost always when I don’t want it to, and never scrolls when I do. Setting this up to scroll when you tilt the phone is a much better function. And oh, the thing I did notice about the eye movement detection is that your face must be illuminated a lot. The screen of the phone itself lightening up the face is not enough. I’m sure there’s a lot that needs to be improved about this technology.

I haven’t used the answer by waving on top of the phone yet, but honestly, I’m sure it works well since I’ve used the air functions and they work very well. Such as scrolling pages and screens. Very cool.

I find sharing pictures so far has been very awesome. Nothing quite like being able to bump phones and you’re instantly shared the picture. So very cool.

Those are only some of the features that I found interesting. There are tons that I’m sure we found very cool, but was only an Android function and not seen in iPhone. There are a lot of those!

I do miss a lot about iPhone too though. There are still plenty of apps on the iPhone that aren’t found on Android which is ok, since technically I still have an iPhone.

I’m not saying anyone should switch. It’s a very big jump. I pretty much forced my wife to switch, but I think she’s taking the transition much better than I am. She’s got plenty of customization done already and figured out. I’ve only been downloading apps like crazy. I guess we have our priorities.

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