State shutdown imminent – do you really know what it means?

dsc004291So anyone that’s been following the news in Washington state must already know that they can’t seem to agree on budget and if they can’t come to agreement by July 1st, they’re going to shut down the state government. Well, most of it anyways. Obviously, things like state prisons will not shut down (at least we hope so) and other essentials.

But what happens to the rest of the state? No one ever thinks of these things do they? What kind of effect will this have? I’m gonna go ahead and say there are 55,000 (or so) state employees who will be out of a job for who knows how long. But that’s only numbers. How do I put it in something you, the average person can understand? I can’t. you know why, because you probably have no idea what it’s like to live my life, or the lives of those 55,000 employees. Let’s face it. Odds are, it won’t affect you at all. So you wouldn’t care how much pain, how much heartache, how many problems this would cause.

So now that we’ve established that none of this matters to you, the average person, Let’s think of those politicians who can’t seem to come up with an agreement. What do they have to lose? Do they lose their jobs? Do they lose a good chunk of their income? Do they lose any kind of medical benefits because of this? I don’t know. Those questions are beyond my knowledge. But you know what I do know? They are messing with people’s lives. They say they’re trying to come up with solutions for the budget. Yes, I understand that. But on the other hand, let’s see what else you are doing. By telling us that you are not able to come up with an agreement and threatening to shut down the government, you are essentially toying with our lives! You are forcing 55,000 state workers (or so) of making contingency plans and possibly to look for new jobs (which don’t exist) just to make it to the next day. You are stressing people out and making them worry about whether or not they are going to be able to get medicine that not only makes their life better, but kinda keeps that life going. Yes, it’s true. in order to get benefits you have to work 1 day out of a month at least. Well, how can you work if you’re on a temporary layoff?

It’s a good thing the liquor stores are no longer state-run, that way we can now drink away our problems. I bet if they were state-run, we might not be having this conversation about the state shutting down right now.

I’m just really annoyed that politicians get away with doing this people. If you want a good example of domestic abuse, this is it. I am really disappointed. I’m not worried so much about making payments on credit cards or debts. I’m not worried about all that. I’m worried about not being to afford my medicine. I’m worried about not being able to afford going to the hospital because I no longer have medical benefits.

I’m worried about staying alive.

Everyone says it’s only temporary. Lord knows, I’ve said it too. But honestly, how long is temporary? How long will it last? Why are these politicians playing with our lives? It’s because they don’t know. And here’s the real problem. We’re only 1 of those 55,000 state employees. Just think how many of those are just like me or worse! Think!

So, do you know what a state shutdown means to me now? Do you understand how many people will lose their jobs and in turn lose much more? Even if 1% of the 55,000 people were in dire straights already and would lose much more, that’s still 550 people. And let’s play the number game even more. Let’s say out of those 550, 1% will lose not only their jobs, but someone in their life. Meaning, because of this state shutdown, 1% will have a loved one pass away. That’s 5.5 people. Let’s round it down just to be “nice”. 5 people will die because of this state shutdown that’s only temporary because the politicians couldn’t come to an agreement over the budget.

If you want to break it down in simpler terms, basically two groups of people can’t get along and as a result, 5 people die. I mean, those are really extreme circumstances. Of course, the odds of this happening are pretty slim. But there’s a chance that it could happen. That’s enough for me.

So why can’t they just come up with a solution and stop playing with people’s lives? Stop playing God, politicians, because you are FAR from it. At this point, I don’t even know what we can do except to watch the horror unfold and hope that they come up with a solution to everything. All I know now is, why bother voting at all anymore, all politicians are the same.

Yeah, I’m just mad and I’m striking out. I’m just proud I was able to say all that without cursing. In my mind though, I dropped that F-bomb a few (or more) times.

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One thought on “State shutdown imminent – do you really know what it means?”

  1. I agree with you. The politicians do it because they can. I pray daily this doesn’t happen. Those damn politicians do whatever they want to and it’s NOT FAIR!! If they’re going to shut down then they shouldn’t get paid, maybe that get those a–holes to get busy and agree on a budget.

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