When will this shutdown end?

United_States_Capitol_-_west_frontWhen will the government shutdown end? I won’t get into a big political rant because I hate politics, but I’m just talking about common sense here. Why are they doing this to us? Does the government hate the people this much that they would make the common people go through some kind of torture, not knowing if they are going to get paid or not, or get their next dose of medication, or their next meal? Do they hate us so much? They must be comfortable in their expensive houses and eating their lavish meals. Honestly. Some people are just trying to make the best of what they have, and living paycheck to paycheck and they are too busy pouting about something they already voted for. Enough is enough already. I think Wanda Sykes said it best on Ellen when she said she would just sit them all down and make them watch Schoolhouse Rock. I think they forgot. Talk amongst yourselves now.

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