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The midnight hour

“I’m gonna wait ‘til the midnight hour

That’s when my love comes tumbling down

I’m gonna wait ‘til the midnight hour

When there’s no one else around

I’m gonna take you girl and hold you

Do all things I told you

In the midnight hour

Yes I am, whoa, yes I am”

Can anyone tell me who originally sang this song? :)

Nostalgia striks again

So when you hear a song, do you, like me, experience a feeling of nostalgia, or deja vu, or perhaps even a sense of recall? Sometimes when I hear the song, Sweet Child O’ Mine, I think of long ago, during the days of working at Six Flags Great Adventure. And I think of the great summers I had while working there. I get a feeling of pure nostalgia, and it often feels really great.

What songs make you giddy inside and make you recall a pleasant time?

The one where…

While living at MCAS (that’s marine corps air station to you civlians) Iwakuni, my friends and I decided to visit these caverns called Akiyoshidai. That in itself was not the truly exciting part, although it was a cool trip, the majority of the “fun stuff” happened on our way back from the caverns.

So if you didn’t already know, in Japan, there are awesome vending machines. And in many vending machines in Japan, there is beer. There are HUGE cans of beer. We’re talking like 3 liters of beer. Well, my friends decided to buy some on the way back, and drank in the back of the car. So while driving back, my friend says…”dude I’ve gotta pee.” And I know what you’re thinking. and no, he did not dare pee in the car. The car was his, after all, and I was just driving it. :P

So we’re stopped at a light. traffic in Japan can be horrendous. He runs out this parking lot, and finds the corner of the fenced in area. Broad daylight, he’s whizzing away. Mind you, people are watching him do this and they’re not thinking twice about it. We of course, video taped the entire event.

Unfortunately for him, the light turns green. I am driving the car forward slooooowly. he’s running and finally gets in. Holy crap, that was a close call, and damn that was funny as hell!


So, what’s up? Did you know that you can still Sponsor Me? That’s right. You can sponsor me at least till the end of the blogathon and I think later. :) So come on, you know want to. Just click it and say yes.

So what’s been bothering me lately? Oh, plenty of things. One of them might just be the shooting that just occured in downtown Seattle yesterday. 1 death and 5 women were wounded. It was later described as a “hate” crime. WTF. There are so many things I want to say, and so many thing I want to do, but we just have to have something better to do with our time. Seriously.

Like i’ve said many times before, sometimes I’m just ashamed to be human.

I just managed to upset myself enough to not finish this random post. Sometimes I just piss myself off. If I was my own friend, I’d stop hanging out with myself.

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