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Cheesiest commercial

I remember when this commercial came out a few years back (2009 to be exact if you believe the video information), and we thought it was pretty cheesy then too. They are again running this video for Christmas this year and it’s still cheesy. I really have to ask myself if the brother would have seriously waited to get coffee until he got home. Wouldn’t he have gotten some at one of the many Starbucks on the way home? Folger’s isn’t that good. You know he definitely isn’t coming home to Washington state.

Square Butts

Ok, I’m sure you’ve had to have seen that Burger King commercial for their kid’s meal. There’s just something wrong with that only because I just don’t think it’s appropriate for children and yes, the meal is for kids. I don’t think the song is something appropriate for kids. Really. Even if the song is about Spongebob. Especially when Sir Mixalot says at the end, “booty is booty”. I somehow can’t believe enough people haven’t complained about it. Video is after the bump. However, I will admit that the song is pretty funny. Oh, and I still think the king is really creepy.

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