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Region restricting games – ridiculous!

Cybr is having an issue with Valve and Steam. He purchased the Orange Box when he lived in Hong Kong, and back then, there was no indication that the game would not work anywhere outside of Hong Kong. Some people out there would say that he probably missed it or he didn’t find out if that was the case. However, if you say so, you don’t know cybr. He’s pretty anal about that stuff. He’s very meticulous when it comes to a lot of things not working. So I don’t doubt that the box didn’t have any indications that it was region specific.

Please help him out by making more people aware that the support at Valve and Steam are trying to get paid twice for a game. Please digg his story by digging it here. I just want to make people aware that Valve isn’t even trying to help him out. This may make me not ever buy a valve game again.

It's not that you are dreaming. You are a dream.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Final Fantays X-2 music. Maybe the music just sets my body to ease, perhaps it reminds me of the game and how much I loved playing it. It’s almost a shame that I finished it, although I didn’t get 100% of the things to do in it. But honestly, can you really finish a game 100%? Don’t answer that. Anyways I wanted to take the time to announce a new website, Freaky Japan at http://freakyjapan.WordPress.com. It’s all about the freaky stuff in Japan. As you can imagine, we just don’t ever have an ending to content. Right now, we’ve got a few writers for it, including these two jokers, and me of course. You should check it out!

The Burning Crusade

For all you folks out there who have been waiting for the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, the release is coming up! Have you pre-purchased your copy? Have you gotten your characters to level 60 to explore Outland?

This time around, I’ve decided to wait. I bought the Collector’s Edition when the game first came out, and I’ve never regretted it. But after looking it over, I’m thinking that the extra stuff in the Burning Crusade CE will not be enough to warrant buying it for me. Experience may differ for each of you I’m sure. :)

Unfortunately I have the “pleasure” of being one who has played World of Warcraft since day one (in the closed beta as well!) and I remember all too well how it was when it first came out. Every newbie area was swarming with people. If you had to kill something, you had to get in a group because there no way you’d be able to tag any creature without help.

No thanks folks. I’ll wait a few days, maybe even a week. Take my word, it’s gonna be so swarmed it won’t be worth it.

Just go ahead and keep playing your higher level characters and start farming items. You know everyone will be either in the newbie areas (Draenei and Blood Elves) or they’ll be in Outland.