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Things I wish WordPress did natively

You know, as much as I like WordPress, there are some things to me that should just natively be part of it without having to add plugins. IMHO, plugins are overhead and well, if they could be implemented natively into the code I just think things would flow a lot better. One thing was just recently, which is to make a post “sticky”. This was such an about time thing that I am hoping they implement the other things in the future:

  1. Subscribing to comments via email. I know that in many cases this is not desirable. Especially on high traffic sites where you get over a 100 comments in a day. However, if there was an option for it, I would just love that instead of having to have a plugin to do it. Also, natively having this I think would make management so much easier.
  2. Support for Multiple blogs. Honestly. This would put the nail in a lot of other CMS/Blogging tools. If this was possible, then I would be a very happy man. Let me explain. Supporting multiple blogs would entail one admin control panel being able to post to any number of websites. Please, this should happen.
  3. Top Commentators widget. I use this on hello! yoshi, and I love it. But I think it should be something that’s native. Part of a stats widget if you will. I think this would be awesome.
  4. Polls. I think polls should be included. I know it’s really an unnecessary thing but perhaps you can have it load/not load as a preference.
  5. Rating/Karma. Finally, I think some kind of comment and entry rating system should exist. Again, if you didn’t want it, you could disable it and it wouldn’t load.

So there you have it. Do you have anything you’d like to add to the list? Or perhaps you want to say that there is no need to add them because the plugin works fine and doesn’t require much. Let me know your opinions!

Oh the calamity

Apparently, in the news, recently an uncle is accused for felony injury and second degree murder of his 11 year old neice. He let his neice and nephew attempt to walk 10 miles in the snow to their parents house after their car got stuck in the snow. The police had mentioned drugs. I say drugs had to be involved because I don’t believe anyone in their right mind would ever let their children walk 10 miles anywhere, let alone through the snow! I really am sorry for the mother and the family. I think perhaps I should stop there and not talk more about that, lest I lose control.

In other news, I’d like to point out that I do actually run a couple other websites, including jCrap, and hello! Food. I know the food site hasn’t been updating as much as it should, but honestly, I’m thinking of running a new format and switching the site over to WordPress for ease of use. Everyone seems to think that wp is a lot easier to use (CP) than ExpressionEngine, I have no idea why.

All the leaves are brown…

1119396_87520505So you might have noticed that things around here have changed. I guess since WordPress released 2.7, I’ve been looking for a new look for the site. Danalyn sent me a link to this theme and I’ve been in love since. It’s pretty damn cool. You can even change the orders of the side items. Pretty slick eh?

On a different note, I’ve had to redo my blogroll. You’ll notice it’s a bit smaller than normal. If you’re missing from the list, let me know and I’ll add you in there.

Other than that, it’s almost Christmas, are you ready for the presents and stuff? I know I’m so not ready. LOL

Features of this website

I wanted to point out a few things to those of you who might not have been around for a while and new here, or just plain didn’t know about this website.

  1. Moderated comments. I don’t moderate comments. But if you’ve never commented here before, then your first comment will be moderated. I almost always approve them, unless you’re a spammer, in which case, I just send you to the spam box. Easy peasy. Also your comment will get moderated if you have 2 or more links in it. Just a precautionary thing.
  2. Gravatars. If you don’t have a gravatar, your comment will show up with the default gravatar, which is the animated yin/yang symbol. To set one up, it’s easy, and it’s free! You just need an email address and an image you’d like to make your gravatar, then head over to the Gravatar Website. Sign up for a free account, and then upload your picture. It’s that easy! This website shows all gravatars except X-rated ones. My mom and Meesh both read this website and I don’t think they want to see those.
  3. Top 10 Commentators List. Yes, I provide a link for my top commentators. It resets every month, so if you were at the top of the list, and find yourself now at the bottom, take note of the date. That’s probably why.
  4. Chat with Me Page. Yes, I have a page where you can chat with me via Instant Messenger. This is in the event that you’re too lazy to view my Stalk Me page and not add me to your IM program.
  5. I’m still working out bugs with some of the widgets and ads on the site. I’m also working on a new design (for the upcoming blogathon), and I’ll probably get rid of most of the ads when I do. For now, just bear with it. And while I’m on it, I’d like to just say something about the way WordPress 2.5 does widgets. It blows. You used to be able to view all sidebars (I have 4) at the same time, and you could easily move widgets from one sidebar to another. No longer. So if you want to move a Text widget, then you better copy the text first, then remove it because if you don’t, it’s gone forever. Ok, I’m done with that.
  6. I occasionally have polls. If you’re reading this site with an RSS Reader like Google Reader or Bloglines, then it’ll probably tell you that you need to visit the site to participate.
  7. I like to include videos with my posts sometimes, but I hate to put them out on the front page. They just take up too much space. So I usually say “the video is after the bump.” When I say “the bump” it usually means the “continue to read more…” link. Or in the event of the RSS reader, it should say something to the effect of “There is more to read…” I like to do this because honestly, the videos sometimes breaks my design and I don’t like that. Yes, I’m picky. I’m OCD like that, gimme a break!

I think that’s it. I know this is a really boring post. But if nothing else, it’s semi-informative. Seriously.


Ok, so I just decided to go ahead and upgrade to WordPress 2.5. Yeah, I know. Usually I’d wait at least until a point release, but this time I just wanted to get going and upgrade it already. Fantastico takes forever to upgrade, so I’m not waiting for them on this website. (I’ll wait to upgrade my other websites when Fantastico updates. It’s not too important right now for them to be upgraded)

Anyways, there are some features I like. For instance, you can insert a youtube video now just by inserting the URL. Pretty slick, I must say. No plugin needed there. (although I have to keep the plugin for my old videos. Either that or edit all my old posts!) Another thing that’s not bad is the full screen mode to enter a post. I thought this was kinda funny, since ExpressionEngine 2.0 has the same feature. I guess they had the same thoughts. Who knows. Also, the media gallery thing is pretty nice. You can upload multiple images for a post, then have them show up in a gallery within that post. Pretty neat if I may say so myself.

There are numerous other features, but honestly. If you want to see them you’re gonna have to upgrade.  Have you upgraded yet?

What's new Yoshi?

Ok, here’s a boring post where I talk about things I’ve added to the site recently. I know you’re cheering right now right?

You’ll notice I added a contact form to the site, this is for anyone who would like to get a hold of me, but for some reason do not have my email or forgot my email address. (or more likely, have not kept up with all my email address changes.)

You’ll also notice that I’ved added a new “Now Reading” widget on the sidebar that let’s you know what book I’m now reading, and any past books I’ve read and reviewed. It also shows you what books I’ve got stored up in my queue to read, which are a lot, but I only listed a few of them (for now).

I also started adding google ads. Although this might change. I’m just not sure yet. I’m also putting in Text Link Ads. I’m not sure my site is even popular enough to worry about it, but we’ll see in the upcoming months. I know a few people who are using it and if I got what they got, then my hosting would pay for itself. (which is a good thing folks)

Here’s the interactive portion. What plugins do you have installed? I think I might have too many of them, but I’m curious to see what everyone has installed. (again, I know.)

Plugins, Facebook, and Movies oh my!

So, as promised (wait did I promise to do this?), I am bulleting a list of plugins that I simply can’t live without for WordPress. I’ll put that at the end of the post, so please feel free to read on or just simply click the link to continue reading.

So I’ve been obsessing with Facebook lately. It would seem that I’ve actually got quite a few good friends in there. What’s even better, is that I finally caught up with a very good friend of which I had lost touch with a couple years ago. I’ll just go right ahead and pimp her site. Take a visit, say hello, tell her Yoshi sent you. But I digress.

Facebook is pretty cool. While I normally do detest those social networking sites like say… Myspace, I still hang out and stuff, because I like to keep up with the Jones’ and stay up to date on what’s cool and what’s not so cool. I try. But facebook has some pretty cool things in there like Applications that let you send your friends a round of drinks, play trivia games, and even a vampire application where you can bite your friends. Pretty Nifty, I think.

All in all, I think Facebook is just a good way to keep in touch with your friends. Pretty much like all social networking sites really. But I just really like Facebook. But I’ve been playing with that for a bit.
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Switching to WordPress

Ok, so I’ve been wanting to know, what are the WordPress plugins you can’t possibly live without? I know there are plenty of articles and posts about this, but I’d like to hear a fresh list of plugins that you must have in order for your WordPress site to rock.

So, give it to me please!