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The search for a copy of Final Fantasy XIV

xivlogoSo, tonight, we decided to go visit Best Buy and get a game for the PC. We were looking Final Fantasy XIV, because they decided to freeze the sales of the PC digital download version of the game since everyone was buying it and making them money. Oh, but the side effect was the servers weren’t up to snuff and they had to improve them. Which they did. Now, the game is still in a freeze and you now have to go get the physical copy. Hence the trip to Best Buy.

Now, the last time I went to Best Buy, I recall them having 2 aisles of video games for PC and 1 aisle for “Productivity” Software. When we finally found some games for the PC, it consisted of basically Blizzard games, Sims 3, and a handful of other games of which no one has probably heard of on the PC. I mean there must have been about 10 feet worth of games. That’s it. Now, I understand that this is the day and age of being able to download your software via Steam or Origin, but don’t they allow you to get a physical copy of a game anymore? That section was really sad. And it’s definitely not just Best Buy. We also stopped at GameStop and sure enough. their PC Section consisted of 1 end cap. It wasn’t even close to the size at Best Buy.

wowx4-artwork-00-fullSo I guess buying a physical version of a game is pretty much dead unless you’re the Sims or Blizzard. I have to admit I haven’t bought a physical version of a PC Game in a while, but I wasn’t expecting that. So when Square Enix said you can buy the physical game, but we’re suspending sales of PC downloads, they knew they weren’t selling anymore of the games. I just wonder, how much money are they losing by doing this? They’ve pretty much lost me as a customer I think. I offered my account to play the game to Meesh, but she declined. They might have already lost 2 potential customers. But they’ll still retain enough customers to keep the game going I’m sure. They’re the mighty Square Enix after all and I’m just 1 customer who doesn’t agree with the way they’re doing stuff. I did, however, pick up a 60 day World of Warcraft pass. I know I can play that at least.

Mists of Pandaria Beta

For those of you who are lucky (or not so lucky) to have received a beta invitation to the new World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria, this post will not really come as a surprise. There is no NDA for the expansion, so I figure we’re free to talk about all we want. Besides, with so many people in the beta, is it even possible to enforce an NDA?

Let me get to the nitty-gritty. For anyone who has played the game, there is a quest for Pandarans where you must click on a scroll which then burns into nothingness. There’s nothing wrong with this quest, really, it’s a very simple quest. However, when you have so many players trying to do the same thing, we have an issue. Imagine a group of say twenty people trying to click on one scroll which disappears after clicked. I’m sure you can imagine the outcome. You end up standing there for approximately forever trying to click the scroll. This inevitably becomes a tiresome task.

I understand the circumstances. Normally you would never have this many people trying to click the scroll. However, this is going to happen because everyone is trying out the beta at the same time and beginning at the same time. This is inevitable. You’d think that after 4 expansions, Blizzard would have realized this problem and come up with a solution to the problem.

As you can guess, if you do not complete this quest, you cannot continue in your quest-line. While this might be a problem which can be overcome by just discovering things around you, at this point, you’re still level 1 or 2. There aren’t too many areas to discover at this point.

So at this point, I’m just wondering how Blizzard is going to fix this problem. I really hope they nip this one in the bud. Because honestly, the game is losing my interest. I’m yawning here. I’m much more interested in just playing Diablo 3 at this point. World of What?

The Cataclysm is nigh!

Well, at least in World of Warcraft the Cataclysm is nigh. In only about 7 hours, the long awaited new expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will be released and available to play. For those of us like me who are die hard WoW fans, and bought the Collector’s Edition, I will not be able to play until tomorrow, when it arrives at my doorstep via Fedex. However for those like Katie, they will be able to play at midnight, since they have already downloaded the content and are ready to play. I’m sure I will hear all about it, since she has already stated so.

In other news you’ll be able to play Bejeweled 3 as well tomorrow, which is another long awaited sequel. I know you’re addicted just like me. Don’t try to deny it.

What’s your game?

The cake is not a lie

I know this is nothing new or nothing really cool, but I just wanted to point out the World of Warcraft achievement for the cake is not a lie. For those of you who didn’t know, it’s a reference to Valve’s awesome game called Portal, which is included in the orange box. The game is awesome. Cybrpunk told me I would totally enjoy this game and he was totally right. In fact, there’s even a song that’s totally hilarious at the end of the game, called “Still Alive”. (video is after the bump) Very funny. Why do I bring this up? Because I got the achievment the other day, no big deal, and it’s ocb’s birthday, and she mentioned cake. So there you have it.

Yes, I know, I’m really needing some quality posts.

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